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Silent Auction Application

Contact Person Information

The person filling out the application and the person we will contact with any issues regarding the application.

Donor Information

The person or business donating the tree. This individual/business will be the one eligible to receive tax deductions.

Sponsor Information

Any individual or company that sponsored this tree. They will be creditd in all publications but will not receive 501c3 tax deductions.

Charity/Recipient Information

The person or entity that will receive the funds directly from Trees for Charity. Please review all rules regarding recipients. All information must be accurate and current.

Charity/Recipient Information

All information is required and must be accurate and current. NO TBD ("to be determined" or equivelent will be accepted). Any application with inaccurate or incomplete information will be denied and you will have to resubmit with full information.


Thanks for supporting our local community!

All spots are now full

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