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Trees for Charity is a 501(c)(3) Organization. This means that you can choose a charity, family, or organization even if it is not recognized as a 501(c)(3) charity. We encourage you to find and focus on local families, organizations and charitable causes.

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October 4- Applications open for trees and silent auction items
October 26- Mandatory tree building meeting {two options: 9:30am or 7pm} @ Conference Center
October 26- Last chance to make any changes to your tree description - tree building meeting
November 21- Tree and silent auction set up at Convention Center [9am to 6pm]
November 24/25- Tree View for the public (11am-8pm Friday and 11am-6pm Saturday)
November 27- Gala and Auction
November 28- Tree delivery before noon

We encourage all donors to promote their trees and/or charity within the community. Finding and engaging a buyer can greatly increase the success of donations to a charity.


A submitted application does not guarantee a participation spot. All applications will be reviewed and vetted. We reserve the right to decline any application for any reason.

An individual or group cannot donate a tree and/or silent auction item that will directly benefit themselves, anyone in their household, or anyone in their immediate family.


An individual or group cannot donate a tree and/or silent auction item that will benefit a charity or organization for which they oversee or sit on the board of said charity or organization, unless it is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3).

No funds will be issued to the donor or sponsor, anyone in their household, or anyone in their immediate family.


All funds raised for a charity, organization, or individual must be used as described in the charity description. If you are unsure of how the funds will be used, you need to verify this with the charity, organization, or individual.

General Guidelines

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Important Information

  • All tree builders/decorators are required to attend a mandatory tree building meeting. Choose between 9:30am and 7pm on October 26. Both classes will be held at the Conference Center. Reminders will be sent to builders as date gets closer


  • All trees and silent auction items need to be built/dropped off at the Convention Center on Tuesday, November 21, between 9am and 6pm


  • Nothing can be attached to the walls or floor of the Convention Center


  • Information on Donors/Recipients/Buyers will not be given out, except to coordinate delivery of trees


  • The complete cost of trees/accessories/silent auction items must be declared on the day of set up. This includes all material costs as well as the dollar amount for all donations.


  • Tree builders are responsible for the delivery of the tree to the place the buyer has indicated. Deliveries must be made by noon the day after the auction. If someone else volunteers to deliver your tree, the event committee will alert you. Otherwise, you will be given contact information and it is your responsibility to coordinate delivery.


  • Charity recipients are limited to 1 tree and 2 silent auction items. If you have chosen a charity that has been duplicated, you will be contacted by the event committee and allowed to choose another charity.

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Tree Requirements

- If tree is pre-built off-site, be aware that the doors into the convention center are limited in height and your tree may have to be tilted or laid down to get through the doors

- Tree spaces are restricted to 5 ft x 5 ft and no additional room/space will be given. Please plan so the tree and all of the contents fit in this 5x5 space

- A traditional Christmas tree must be the focal point of your tree display

- All items on and around the tree will be included in the auction and sold. This includes pictures, stands, and everything else

- All trees must be new and come with their original box

- All trees must be at least 6 feet tall and have a strong metal stand (plastic stands will not be allowed). Once set up, the tree stand should no longer fold, move, or come apart so that it can be easily transported and placed in a new location. The event committee reserves the right to place screws and other reinforcements in the base of your tree if necessary

- All trees must be pre-lit

- All trees must be accompanied by a heavy-duty extension chord (this will be sold with the tree)

- All trees must be reinforced with 1/4 inch rebar, that is placed on the outside of the trunk, reaching from the base/stand to at least halfway up the top section of the tree. This rebar must be zip-tied on to the tree at least once in each section. Note that it may take more than one piece of rebar to meet this requirement. Rebar will be provided by the event committee during the tree building class.

- All sections of the tree, after assembly, must be zip-tied or wired together where the sections of the tree connect

- All trees must be fully decorated. All sides and angles must have the same amount of decorating.

- Every item placed on the tree must be wired on to the tree

- The tree should be decorated with items that won't cause stress or break in the tree while it is being moved and delivered

- Battery operated lights and ornaments are discouraged. If you choose to have battery operated decor, you will have to make arrangements for someone to turn them on/off manually for the tree view and the evening of the auction. The committee is not responsible to turn on or off anything

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Silent Auction Requirements

- All items left with the silent auction item will be auctioned and sold. This includes stands, display items, etc...

- Trees larger than 4 feet will not be accepted for silent auction items

- Maximum item space is 3 feet x 3 feet. If your item takes up additional space, you will be required to purchase additional space

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